What is a Revolutionary Daydream?


What is a Revolutionary Daydream?

A Revolutionary Daydream is the spark between an idea and action. It is the space where passion transforms into reality. It is the moment when the journey begins.

Who am I?

Well, since you asked, I believe a reflection is at hand…Ok, maybe not a reflection so much as a confession. I’ve been procrastinating the launch of my most amazing global empire that will surely transform the way we all live. Yes, I agree, that is a rather huge task but I always tell myself someone has to do it. And don’t you hate it when someone does do it (whatever that it might be) and you hit yourself because you know it should have been you. The idea that I’m going to do it, make it happen and then not getting around to it isn’t just about procrastinating. One can procrastinate for many reasons, general lack of time actually being the least of the worries. More often the procrastination has to do with fear of failure or the direct opposite, holding out the dream for the express purpose of it being the ultimate fantasy.

But today, this is it. (See I italicized “it” because I need it to be special.) I am making that “one day” in the future, TODAY. You know that “one day” when everything is going to be perfect, when all your dreams are going to come true, when all the hard work is going to pay off, yes, that day. And just how does one do that, you ask?

1. Start where you are. You’ll find it difficult to start where you are not. That may sound a bit silly, but starting in a place other than the beginning usually leaves you lost. Think of the day as full of possibilities and take one concrete step towards an extraordinary life. Wait a minute! I didn’t say try and transform your entire life in one moment. I said, just think of the possibilities and take one step, no matter how small towards what may seem like only a dream.

2. Believe. Acknowledge that life may not always be easy. But believe your spirit is equipped with the tools for your own happiness and the responsibility is yours alone to learn how to use them. And while this bit of knowledge is nothing new, if you don’t actually live it and believe it then daydreams drift into memories when they could be a guide to your true potential.

This is my first step, nothing more nothing less. A simple action for some, but for me a revolutionary act of pushing the button that reads “publish.” Whatever is on the other side is part of the journey and I hope you will be a part of the Revolutionary Daydreams community taking the steps every day to make your “one day” today.

Make “one day” today, every day.

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